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Breast Cancer Screening

Early Detection is Everything!

Eve Wellness combines state-of-the-art, FDA-approved ultrasound breast imaging to detect cancer within a soothing spa-like environment.It’s exactly the kind of self care experience you deserve.

  • Get Screened in 20 Minutes
  • Results Back in 48 Hours
  • FDA-Approved Screening
  • No Doctor Referral Needed
  • FSA Accepted

Welcome to Eve Wellness

Our all-female team of professionals is here to provide you with the answers you need, in a safe, comfortable environment you'll enjoy. Treat yourself to the right kind of self-care at our convenient location.

What Our Clients Say About Us.

So Glad I Tried Eve

"I couldn’t recommend Eve more highly to all women, especially those with dense breast tissue! I learned that using Eve’s technology as a preventative screening measure is easier, more effective, less time-consuming, and less expensive than traditional screening methods."

- Jessica C.
Perfect For Dense Breasts

"Empowered is an understatement. Just turning 40 and having dense breast tissue, Eve Wellness was the perfect solution for my preventative health and wellness needs. The process was comfortable and easy, and I received my results in just two days."

- Bianca B.
Eve May Have Saved my Life

"At 33, with no family history of breast cancer and clean bills of health after my annual physicals I thought I had no reason to worry at all and stopped in on a whim. My screen had findings. If I’m lucky, the masses Eve found will be benign. If the odds are against me, I caught it early. I couldn’t be more grateful for Eve."

- Shivani N.

Breast Cancer Can Go Undetected

Traditional mammography can miss breast cancer up to 50-60% of the time in women with dense breast tissue.

Over 40% of women in the United States have dense breast tissue.* Dense breast tissue makes cancer hard to see in a mammogram, but breast ultrasound provides a higher-contrast screening option that makes it easier for technicians to locate abnormalities in those with dense breast tissue.

With ABUS ultrasound you can start screening at an earlier age. You can come more often, giving you more chances to find issues early.

*Tagliafico, Massimo Calabrese et al, Journal of Clinical Oncology 2016 34:16, 1882-1888.

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How Advanced Screening Technology Works

Eve’s FDA-Approved Automated Breast Ultrasound Scanning (ABUS) combined with FDA-Approved Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology provides a detailed and thorough scan for your breast health screenings.

Invenia™ ABUS

Invenia ABUS is the first FDA-approved ultrasound screening technology that is designed for detecting cancer in dense breast tissue.

Learn More
AI Technology

AI Technology

FDA-Approved, AI-assisted screening uses algorithms to find and identify breast lesions which helps doctors read your scans faster and more easily.

Learn More

Ultrasound or Mammogram: Which One is Right for You?


A Mammogram May be Right For You If:

  • You are aged 40+ and don't have dense breast tissue.
  • You have fatty breast tissue.
  • You are a woman who is at high risk due to genetics with family history.

An Ultrasound May be Right For You If:

  • You are at average risk below the age of 40.
  • You wish to avoid the risks of radiation exposure.
  • You have dense breast tissue.
  • You require a secondary screening after a mammogram.
  • You have implants.
  • You are pregnant.
  • You wish to have more regular screenings to promote early detection.

The Benefits of Automated Breast Ultrasound


Peace of mind knowing you
can catch issues early


Access to screening

at a younger age

Quick and convenient
scan in just 15 minutes

More frequent screening


Scan results come back
in just a few days

Get More Accurate Results with Advanced Screening Technology

Eve Wellness provides you with a totally different experience designed specifically around your comfort and safety.


After checking in at the reception desk you can help yourself to a cup of coffee or tea and relax in our comfortable, spa-like waiting area.


When it’s your turn, we’ll give you a warm robe to wrap up in. You’ll be able to secure your things in a locker while you’re getting your scan.


Our ultrasound tech will welcome you into your exam room where you’ll lie back comfortably while she performs your ultrasound. There’s less compression and no radiation. You’re done in about 15 minutes!


Our Doctor will study your scan and send the results to you in just a few days. If we do see an issue, we’ll work with your primary care physician or help you find a physician to follow up with if you don’t already have one.

It’s that easy!

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Our Mission

Eve Wellness will make a positive impact on the early detection of breast cancer by providing all women with access to advanced ultrasound imaging technology. We bring you a safe and convenient way to screen for cancer in a comfortable environment you won’t find anywhere else.

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