We’re on a Mission
to Fill the Void in
Breast Cancer Screening

Many women, especially younger women and women with dense breast tissue, are not fully aware of their breast cancer risk or screening options.

We’re here to change that.

A New Way to Screen For Breast Cancer

Our advanced, FDA-Approved ultrasound technology coupled with FDA-Approved Artificial Intelligence lets you screen earlier and more frequently to stay on top of your breast health. It’s more comfortable than a mammogram, and there is no risk of radiation exposure.

Whether you have a family history of breast cancer, have dense breast tissue, or simply want to be proactive about your breast health, Eve Wellness provides you with the screening and education you need to stay healthy, all in a comfortable spa-like environment.

Why Ultrasound?

Detecting issues early is the key to increasing the chance of a positive outcome. Advanced ultrasound technology makes this possible. 

Our GE ABUS ultrasound and QView CAD AI technologies can detect cancer early, even before a lump can be felt. These technologies can also see through dense breast tissue that can hide cancer in a mammogram. 

Each scan is read by both AI technology and a Doctor, which results in a more accurate reading than traditional ultrasound scans and is the solution used by some of the leading breast clinics in the world. Your results are ready in just a day or two.

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Our People

Our group of experienced professionals shares a mission: to provide you with the comfortable, convenient, and safe care you deserve.

How We Got Started

Having watched friends and loved ones battle breast cancer, Eve Wellness set out to find solutions for earlier breast cancer detection.  Through careful research into rapidly developing ultrasound imaging and artificial intelligence technology and collaboration with breast cancer experts, we've identified the safest and most technically advanced screening technology available today used by some of the country's leading breast wellness clinics.

Eve Clinical Staff

Our all-female clinical staff is here to make your experience comfortable and soothing. With many years of medical and customer service expertise, the staff will welcome you to Eve with tremendous care and attention.


Medical Director
Dr. Ian Grady

Dr. Ian Grady, MD of North Valley Breast Clinic in Redding, CA is our head breast imaging doctor. He is a dedicated and well-respected surgeon and oncologist who has been specializing in breast cancer detection and treatment for over 35 years. We are proud to have him on board to provide you with the highest degree of care and expertise.


Richard Blunck

President & Co-Founder
Brendan Foley

Following in his father’s footsteps, Brendan has been around women’s health care for most of his career. Dedicated to helping women catch breast cancer in its early stages, he has a strong passion for making safe, radiation-free ultrasound accessible to everyone. Not only that, but he has worked hard to take screening out of the cold, clinical setting and into a warm and pleasant environment.

CEO & Co-Founder
Richard Blunck

Rich is passionate about changing the landscape for women's wellness. He brings us decades of experience creating great digital and retail consumer experiences and has worked tirelessly to help make sure that visiting Eve will be a great experience along with providing the very best ultrasound screening available.

Head of Operations & People
Cveta Manassieva

Cveta is an energetic leader with experience building and scaling Operations within tech, science, healthcare, retail, and real estate. As a recovering scientist, Cveta’s passion lies in growing companies that help people be their best selves through technology and science. Having had the honor of building cancer education, support, and prevention programs in the past, Cveta is beyond thrilled to be part of the Eve Wellness team.

Our Mission

Eve Wellness will make a positive impact on the early detection of breast cancer by providing women with access to advanced ultrasound imaging technology.


What Women Are Saying About Ultrasound

So Glad I Tried Eve

I couldn’t recommend Eve more highly to all women, especially those with dense breast tissue! I learned that using Eve’s technology as a preventative screening measure is easier, more effective, less time-consuming, and less expensive than traditional screening methods.

- Jessica C.

Perfect For Dense Breasts

Empowered is an understatement. Just turning 40 and having dense breast tissue, Eve Wellness was the perfect solution for my preventative health and wellness needs. The process was comfortable and easy, and I received my results in just two days.

- Bianca B.

Eve May Have Saved my Life

At 33 with no family history of breast cancer and clean bills of health after my annual physicals I thought I had no reason to worry at all and stopped in on a whim. My screen had findings. If I’m lucky, the masses Eve found will be benign. If the odds are against me, I caught it early. I couldn’t be more grateful for Eve.
- Shivani N.

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