Early Detection of
Breast Cancer with Advanced Technology

Using a combination of the GE Invenia™ ABUS and QVCAD AI Assistant technologies, we offer adult women advanced, radiation-free technology for breast cancer screening.

The Role of Ultrasound and AI Technology
in the Early Detection of Breast Cancer

While traditional mammography is an excellent screening tool, it's usually only available to older women and involves exposure to radiation, uncomfortable clinical settings, and sometimes inconclusive results for women with dense breast tissue.

The good news is that ultrasounds can play a large role in decreasing the stage of diagnosis of breast cancer for all adult women.

The Benefits of Advanced Ultrasound Technology

The Invenia™ ABUS takes approximately 3,000 pictures and creates a thorough scan of the entire breast and chest wall.

It also…

The Benefits of Getting an Assist From Artificial Intelligence

The QVCAD AI Assistant was designed to assist in the early detection of breast cancer. With its robust, efficient, and fast processing system, information from your ultrasound is read and analyzed quickly and accurately.

With this technology…


 Breast lesions can be detected and identified using algorithms, allowing for more accurate and detailed diagnostic imaging.


Physicians can quickly interpret and archive patient examinations and perform readings and reporting with the Invenia™ ABUS Viewer.


Women who have their breast cancer diagnosed through screening may significantly reduce their healthcare costs.


The patient and physician get a second opinion from the AI Assistant to enhance their confidence in the accuracy of their screening.

Why Early Detection with Advanced Ultrasound is Important

Both the GE Invenia™ ABUS and QView CAD technologies were designed to meet your needs. It is imperative for you, regardless of age or family history, to be aware of your breast health, understand your breast cancer risks, and get screened earlier.

Any woman can develop breast cancer, regardless of her family history, which makes early detection of breast cancer so important. Screening early for breast cancer means more treatment options can be explored.

Why Eve Wellness is the Right Choice for You

Many studies have demonstrated that ultrasound is a highly effective screening tool. The GE Invenia™ ABUS and QVCAD AI Assistant technologies provide sophisticated imaging and radiation-free detection technology. 

Particularly among women with dense breast tissue, this technology has demonstrated benefits in detecting cancers not seen on mammograms. Additionally, cancer may be detected before symptoms appear or lumps are felt.

You will have approximately 3,000 images of your breast captured throughout the scanning process. These images are analyzed, providing a comprehensive 3D view of your breast, chest, nipple, tissue, and ducts.

Experience the Eve Difference in Detecting Breast Cancer

Every time you come to Eve, we monitor the changes in your breasts so that you are always in the know. The AI technology and the physician read each scan together to produce a thorough reading.

We work with highly qualified breast imaging physicians so you have peace of mind knowing that your scans are reviewed by expert eyes.‍

Taking advantage of Eve Wellness' ultrasound service is quick, easy, and convenient!


What is breast cancer screening?

Because the risk of breast cancer is so high in women above the age of 45, doctors typically recommend an annual screening test to give them a better view of what’s happening in the chest. This is done because when breast cancer is detected in its early stages, it will be easier to treat.

When to start screening for breast cancer?

Breast cancer screening tests are used to find breast cancer early. Historically, women at average risk waited until they were over the age of 40 to begin screening, but with radiation-free breast ultrasounds, women can begin screening at a younger age to help catch cancer at an early stage, when it is most treatable.

What does breast cancer look like on ultrasound?

In a breast ultrasound, a tumor will show up as a black lump surrounded by light tissue. This contrast makes it easier to spot abnormalities, even in women with dense breast tissue.

How can one detect breast cancer at the early stages?

Mammography and ultrasound are great tools for the early detection of breast cancer. The combination of mammography and an advanced ultrasound can detect cancers not seen on mammograms alone and can improve the chances of identifying potential cancers at an earlier stage.

Why does early breast cancer detection save lives?

Detecting breast cancer at the early stages may provide more treatment options before it spreads, giving you a better chance at recovery with less invasive treatment.
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